Saskatoon Council on Aging - Age-friendly community

Age-friendly Saskatoon InitiativeAboriginal Older Adult Engagement

Aboriginal Engagement

Age-friendly Saskatoon Initiative:is a multiyear project aimed at establishing Saskatoon as an “age-friendly” community where older adults can lead healthy independent lives and are active and engaged members of the community.


Reaching Out to the Aboriginal Community is part of the Age-friendly project.

The Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA) is working with Aboriginal Seniors and Elders to add their voices to the conversation about an age-friendly Saskatoon where everyone ages well.

The Saskatoon Council on Aging is meeting with aboriginal seniors and elders in the community to:

  • Hear directly from older aboriginal people about their experiences of growing older

  • Identify ways to include the aboriginal voice in the discussions on making Saskatoon an age-friendly community

  • identify their needs and ideas about what is necessary to improve their quality of life

  • Look  at ideas and suggestions that can be offered to leaders on changes



Practicum Students: Engaging the Aboriginal Community