Age-friendly Education

Age-friendly audit and training project

Simple changes such as making a business that is easier to find, enter, move around and make purchases in are good for the customer and better for the business. By advertising a business as being age-friendly aware, older adults know that they are valued and the business is committed to serving them.

For more information about Age-friendly Education contact Cheryl- Age-friendly Project Coordinator at the Saskatoon Council on Aging

Age-friendly business checklist
Age-friendly Education letter

Age-friendly Education manual
Age-friendly Education PowerPoint Presentation

How it Works

The age-friendly audit and training project will provide age-friendly (self) audits and training to businesses and service providers. An initial audit is provided through the age-friendly business checklist. The checklist is simply a guide to increase consideration about age-friendly features from a business point of view. The checklist (audit) includes 3 categories of assessment getting to your business (sidewalks, parking), getting into your business (building), and getting information about your business (information, technology, customer service, staff awareness, and older adult employees). With a returned copy of the completed age-friendly checklist of your business we can provide you with a tailored age-friendly training session on low-cost and no-cost ways you can make your business age-friendly and attract this powerful and growing segment of the population.

To obtain a checklist to assess your business or for an Age‐friendly Education presentation, contact the Saskatoon Council on Aging 306-652‐2255

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