Saskatoon Council on Aging - Age-friendly community

Education and Awareness

This Committee is responsible for advocating on issues relating to promotion of health, dignity and independence of older adults. A single issue is selected for primary focus at a given time. This focus consists of beginning with education on the topic followed by demonstration of the issue and finally directed advocacy.


Advocacy will also take place by way of immediate timely reactions to current topics. Clearly topical issues will arise requiring a response that will be appropriately developed through the Board or the Committee. Past issues which have been explored include implications for seniors of front street garbage pick-up and tax relief for seniors.


Advocacy Policy:

The Saskatoon Council on Aging engages in systemic work on behalf of the older adult population in Saskatoon and surrounding rural areas to ensure that older adult interests and viewpoints are considered when government policy, services and programs affecting them are developed. Systemic work is defined as identifying and addressing system-wide problems by analyzing their root causes and recommending corrective action. This includes both directly or indirectly assisting individuals and groups to deal with recurrent or systemic problems through community action, lobbying decision makers or engaging in public education and awareness activities