SCOA Practicum Students

"Students from our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program are regularly placed at SCOA for their practicum placements. In addition to the knowledge they gain about issues that impact people and communities as they age, students gain experience in many aspects of working with people, including communication skills, group facilitation, providing information about community resources, assessing individual and community needs, and ‐perhaps most importantly ‐ approaching our work in respectful, empowering, and culturally appropriate ways. SCOA welcomes practicum students with open arms and includes them as a member of the team, which is invaluable for supporting personal and professional growth and learning."

Erin Beckwell, MSW RSW (SK)
Field Education Coordinator
Faculty of Social Work
University of Regina, Saskatoon Campus

“As the first student to complete a practicum through SCOA I was given an amazing opportunity to participate in many different aspects of the organization‐ from program planning and delivery, committee and advocacy work, to participating in social activities and celebrating life with our Century Club. My time at SCOA gave me an opportunity to learn more about my community and the resources available to older adults, to develop skills in community
development, program planning, delivery and evaluation, event planning, advocacy, and crisis intervention. My time at SCOA has influenced and enhanced my skills as a professional and I often find myself encouraging others to see for
themselves all that SCOA has to offer. I am incredibly grateful to the staff and volunteers at SCOA for providing me with such an amazing experience!”

Stacey R.

" Doing my social work practicum at the Saskatoon Council on Aging has been a wonderful experience! Both the staff and volunteers have worked very hard over the course of the semester to advance my learning experience. I have learned a lot of different things in such a short period of time such as how to find specific resources, advocating for the health of seniors through different committees, and spreading the word about positive aging. Needless to say, the list goes on and on. If there is anyone looking for a practicum placement or to volunteer their time, I would recommend the Saskatoon Council on Aging without hesitation. This non-profit agency is a positive working environment that everyone should have a chance to experience. "

Ashley S.




Saskatoon Council on Aging
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