Join us for "The Best of Zoomer Idol" ~ October 25, 2018, WDM

Meet our "Best of Zoomer Idol" 2018 contestants! -




Mary Ellen Buckwold

Mary Ellen Buckwold - Vote for Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen has been involved in theatre and music for almost her entire life. When she was in grade twelve at Sacred Heart Academy in Yorkton she was the lead in their production of Carousel. Once Mary Ellen got to university she was immediately recruited to be in Greystone Theatre’s production of Godspell. That led to two summers as a member of Strolling Players, a group of young actors from the university who spent the summers going from one provincial park to the next performing in the outdoors to vacationers – Shakespearean scenes and appropriate musical accompaniment. At one time the then Centennial Auditorium decided that it wanted to provide a venue for locally produced musical theatre. The first one was The Wizard and Oz and Mary Ellen got to wear the red slippers and pretend to be Judy Garland. She was also the lead for Saskatoon Summer Players in Guys and Dolls (Sister Sarah), Finian’s Rainbow (Sharon) and Paint Your Wagon (Jennifer). For Saskatoon Gateway Players Mary Ellen had major roles in Morning’s at Seven, The Last Night at Ballyhoo, Quiet in the Land, and Waiting in the Wings. Mary Ellen also spent a couple of years singing with the Saskatoon Chamber Singers. Now that she spends her winters in Phoenix, she has performed in several shows put on by the local theatre in her area – playing young ingénue parts of course. She just returned from New York where she and her daughter Laura performed with Mary Ellen’s brother at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Centre (just off Broadway).

Maggie Burke

Maggie Burke - Vote for Maggie

Maggie has loved to sing for as long as she can remember. She never sang with a group until 4 years ago when she joined Orpheus 60 Seniors Chorus. She has had a wonderful time with them entertaining at assisted living and nursing homes through the winter months. She sang her first solo 2 years ago! In 2016 she joined Joy of Vox where, under B.J. Harris' direction, she hopes to learn to sight read music and enjoy singing with a much larger group.

Roy Hargreaves

Roy Hargreaves - Vote for Roy

Roy is employed with the SHR as a maintenance service worker. He enjoys the outdoors particularly going camping, fishing and golfing. Many years ago Roy took up music as a hobby and became a singer, songwriter and guitar player.
Roy is also a music volunteer with the SHR.
He has performed at many formal and non-formal events over the years. Family and friends enjoy his talent around camp fires, weddings and get-togethers.


Lila Henderson

Lila Henderson - Vote for Lila

My name is Lila Henderson, performing under the guise of Queen Victoria -loved dress up as a child and still do. My Father sang solos publicly, played the bagpipes too. My parents encouraged me in all my endeavours. I was involved with Saskatoon Summer Players for years, sang with the Saskatoon Chamber Singers for years, sang in church choirs for much longer wherever I lived, hummed on the bus or hummed as I walked to and from work, sang to the neighbours as I mowed the lawn-really loud stuff. I thought no-one could hear me!! I have not yet been called to Broadway or to The Metropolitan Opera, so my career is quite local. Was surprised to find myself in The Producers with SSP in 2012, a racy and rich old lady rolling on the couch with a terrified, but financially needy producer. I have been known to spontaneously break into song anywhere. I have acted with Gateway Players and in church performances. The mean look in my eye suggest that I was a teacher-lasted seven years, then worked for the Federal Government before taking an early retirement. Have had some great travels-hitch-hiked in Europe in the 60s for 11 months, been to China, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Croatia, well, a lot of places. Volunteer with little ones at school and new Canadians at Global Gathering Place. Enjoy aqua fitness at the YW, 8 am most weekdays. Know that the evening will be tremendous and the coffers of SCOA will swell.


Jean and Doreen

Jean and Doreen - Vote for Jean and Doreen

Jean Burke and Doreen Walker have been doing this hobby of music for quite awhile. Doreen taught music and played in a few great dance bands. She did some radio work in her early years. She worked for the Saskatoon School Board for 27 years and is now retired - playing music with Jean. Jean has been playing music here in Saskatoon for a long time. She also did radio work here with a couple of bands. Jean is still working - selling real estate for Coldwell Banker and playing music with Doreen. Music makes Jean and Doreen feel young - they hope their music makes everyone feel the same way!


The Paddlewheelers

Paddlewheelers - Vote for the Paddlewheelers

Combine four enthusiastic guitarists with a love of music, a wide musical repertoire, a keen understanding of history, a sense of humour and camaraderie, and you’ve got The Paddlewheelers. Since 2005, The Paddlewheelers have had more than 500 performances around Saskatchewan. The three original Paddlewheelers: Wayne Salloum, Maurice Postnikoff and Doug Porteous were joined by Evert Van Olst in 2013.




Pat Thomson

Pat Thomson - Vote for Pat Thomson

Pat grew up with 5 siblings in Meota, on Jackfish Lake. When her sister started teaching in Saskatoon she needed a little Income Tax Deduction so she moved Pat in for her Grade 12 year at B.R.C.I. (Bedford). During her final year in the SCH (City) School of Nursing, Pat met Bobby Thomson on a blind date, which led to a wedding in Meota, 6 Super Kids, 17 Grandchildren and 8 Great. Bobby passed on after 60 years together. Volunteerism and music have filled her life - piano, guitar, hand bells, choirs, the Singing Moms with 3 friends, plus composing songs, anthems, little ditties for special occasions and hand bell pieces, 3 of which have been chosen to represent Canada at International Symposia.



John Wilby

John Wilby - Vote for John Wilby

John Wilby has been singing with the Saskatoon Fireside Singers since 1991. He has sung leading roles in musical productions with Fireside Singers, Saskatoon Opera Association, Summer Players and Gateway Players. He has performed at the Tim Hortons Brier, Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the Jeux Canada Games. John and his very talented accompanist Cheryl Steponchev are delighted to have been chosen to participate in Zoomer Idol.