Building Bridges to Positive Aging: Join our study

Are you aged 55+ and interested in helping with research about older adults’ wellbeing? Our study Building Bridges to Positive Aging Among Seniors, led by Dr. Donna Goodridge and Dr. Jennifer Briere at the University of Saskatchewan, aims to co-design, implement, and evaluate patient-oriented strategies to address loneliness and isolation among older adults in Canada. Loneliness refers to the mismatch we may feel between the quantity and quality of our relationships that we actually have and what we desire. Social isolation refers to times when we lack interaction with others, have few social contacts, low quality of fulfillment in relationships, and/or lack a sense of belonging. Due to the pandemic and other changes in our society, loneliness and social isolation are becoming more common, especially as we age. Social relationships are recognized as having a major positive influence on people’s health and wellbeing, so developing innovative approaches to promote social relationships and address loneliness as well as social isolation can have a direct impact on the health and happiness of older adults.

All of our research activities can be completed online at the convenience of your home if you are interested in taking part. To participate or to read more details about our study, please go to on your internet browser or call our lab at 306.966.8319 to leave a message. You could fill out our study survey from the link provided above or have a research assistant complete it with you over the phone. At the end of the survey, if you are interested in further helping us, you could choose to
1. Complete the survey again after some delay,
2. Participate in an online virtual discussion group with other participants across Canada, on topics regarding loneliness and social isolation among older adults,
3. Create a life story book of your own to keep through 6 one-on-one video call sessions with one of our research assistants if you live in Saskatoon, SK.
You may enter your name multiple times into thirty draws of $100 each depending on what activities you participate in.

Our study was approved the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board (Beh-REB#: 2669) on June 7th, 2021.

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