Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

Saskatoon Council on Aging presents:
Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style SEPTEMBER 24, 2021, Western Development Museum. Doors open 5 pm, Cocktails, dinner and program to follow.
Tickets $100, partial tax receipts will be issued. Phone 306.652.2255 or click here to buy tickets online

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John Quinn, finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

John Quinn: John has played and entertained since the late fifties. He started in rock n roll but played mainstream country for the last forty years. He performs the classic country, which is Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. John has been very active for over twenty years in the Saskatchewan Country Music Association.  He served as President and  is presently on the Board of Directors and member of the Prince Albert Chapter. John is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and avid supporter of Saskatchewan talent. Married for 55 years to his wife, Sharon, they have four children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild. 

Joseph Klyne, finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

Joseph Klyne: A professional guitarist by the age of 17, Joseph Klyne has had a successful music career for over 40 years. He first made his living playing lead guitar with various rock cover bands in Winnipeg Manitoba circa 1960. Joseph then developed his own “single” act in Edmonton in the early 70’s. In 1977 he moved to Saskatoon. In the mid 80’s his two sons joined and both took their turn playing bass and harmonizing to his exceptional singing and guitar playing. The J.R. Klyne duo performed throughout Saskatchewan into the early 90’s. Joseph’s guitar style is greatly inspired by Chet Atkins. VOTE FOR JOSEPH KLYNE

Paddlewheelers, finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

Paddlewheelers: Wayne Salloum, Maurice Postnikoff and Doug Porteous came together fifteen years ago for a one time performance.  One thing led to another and the Paddlewheelers were born, a trio who have provided great entertainment in and around Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Over time the Paddlewheelers added guitarist Evert Van Olst, base guitarist Jonathan Moore-Wright, and percussionist Brent Burlingham. Through guitar, voice, percussion and harp (harmonica) they have a great sound, breaking bread with the audience focusing on music of days gone by. The Paddlewheelers are truly grass roots Saskatchewan. VOTE FOR PADDLEWHEELERS

Roy Hargreaves, finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

Roy Hargreaves: Now retired, Roy was employed with the SHR as a maintenance service worker. He enjoys the outdoors particularly going camping, fishing and golfing. Many years ago Roy took up music as a hobby and became a singer, songwriter and guitar player. Roy is also a music volunteer with the SHR. He has performed at many formal and non-formal events over the years. Family and friends enjoy his talent around camp fires, weddings and get-togethers. He won the trophy for Saskatoon Zoomer Idol in 2017 and won again in 2018 in our Best of Saskatoon Zoomer Idol. VOTE FOR ROY HARGREAVES

Shuboy [Hugh Tait] , finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

Hugh Tait [Shuboy]: Shuboy is an old school street musician based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan . An accomplished performer on the slide guitar and a skilled harp player, he can be found performing originals and covers on his National Steel tricone resonator, homemade cigarbox guitars and harp at summer festivals and fringes across Canada .. and of course, all the best sidewalks. Finding inspiration on the streets, shuboy is fearless when it comes to mixing genres. Injecting his blues into country, bluegrass, jazz, rap, everything in between. Successfully completing his Western 2019 “shuboy’s Traveling Medicine Show” tour, he is planning Eastern Traveling Medicine Showtour in 2020. VOTE FOR SHUBOY

St. George's Senior Country Band, John finalist for Grand Old Opry Zoomer Style

St. George’s Senior Country Band : This group hosts a jam twice a month at St George’s Hall, Saskatoon. Bill Senkowski is 86, and has sung and played guitar since he was 10. Walter Wandzura has played the mandolin for 40 years, and the violin now for ten years. Lucretia Hughes has been singing with country and gospel bands since she was 10, and now enjoys entertaining in seniors’ residences. Olaf Dravnieks played in a rock band in his youth and for the last half year some country music. Bruce Forcey took up music later in life. He recently moved to Saskatoon, and has joined the local band Lucretia & Friends. Wayne Love came back to music in senior years and joined band Lucretia and Friends.

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Let’s celebrate the talents of older adults specializing in country and western music. This event will start with a wonderful meal followed by entertainment and an exciting competition between country music acts. There will be several winners at the event. Winners receive an award, press coverage and fan adoration. This is your opportunity to be part of an entertaining night of fun where Saskatoon’s seasoned talent is showcased.

For more information call the Saskatoon Council on Aging at 306-652-2255.