Home Supports Initiative: Real Options, Better Outcomes and Lower Costs to Age in Place

Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism [SSM] is launching its Home Supports Initiative in order to: 
-Raise awareness of the need for practical home supports 
-Engage individuals, organizations and communities to grow a powerful movement to demand action 
-Compile a list of all those who commit to supporting this initiative 
-Maintain contact with supporters to share information and create synergy 
-Maintain contact with and engage governments to raise their awareness of the needs, possibilities and positive return on investment 
-Collaborate with governments as they make home support programs a reality 
Our initiative will launch on October 1, 2021 – International Day of Older Persons – with a flag raising at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. 

We need the government to plan and implement programs of support for older adults as they age. The provincial government must work with municipal governments and older adults to create an effective plan. SSM and its member organizations are the provincial voice for older adults and are prepared to work collaboratively with provincial and municipal governments. SSM is advocating for: Real Options, Better Outcomes and Lower Cost.
REAL OPTIONS: Older adults need supports that meet their changing needs as they age. Home Supports in Saskatchewan should include: Practical supports such as assistance with housekeeping, yard care, minor home renovations. Services to address particular medical and/or personal needs such as consistent, trusted home care workers; expanded in-home services to cover diverse needs such as physiotherapy, education for managing conditions, ostomy and wound care.
BETTER OUTCOMES: Home Supports are a win-win for everyone involved. Older adults who are able to live independently, with supports they might need, are healthier, happier and able to continue to contribute to their communities – as volunteers, caregivers, mentors, taxpayers, and voters. Communities benefit from the presence and contributions of these residents. Provincial government and taxpayers benefit from providing better services at lower costs. Long term care facilities benefit from having fewer demands on their human and financial resources, opening up possibilities for creative care options. 
LOWER COST: Home Supports requires a provincial framework and standards. Municipalities play an essential role in the process as services would be provided locally by approved provider. Costs to individuals would be subsidized according to income. 

Join the movement!

SSM is compiling a list of persons who are committed to the Home Supports Initiative. Add your name to the list of supporters for this initiative by: 
Sending an email including name and phone number to HomeSupports@skseniorsmechanism.ca 
Go to the SSM website www.skseniorsmechanism.ca 
Phone the SSM Office at 306-359-9956 
Fill in and return a tear off sheet in Gray Matters 

4 thoughts on “Home Supports Initiative: Real Options, Better Outcomes and Lower Costs to Age in Place”

  1. As an older adult in my 70’s and a spouse in their late ’80’s I fully support this initiative. I was surprised to not see any mention of occupational therapy services. These therapists help identify strategies and solutions to enable you to maintain your independence. The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists is holding an on-line conference on Nov 24-25 “Home is where the heart is” – free for older adults.

    1. Hello Margaret,
      Thank you for your comments. The article provided examples of home support services that could be provided, Occupational therapy services are an excellent addition. The Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism is coordinating this initiative, we are sharing this information- we will pass on your comments to them.

  2. I am looking for a care home for a senior male with vascular dementia in Saskatoon – any ideas? I hear most are for females. We would like to get on a list for when he can no longer care for himself.

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