Housing for Older Adults in Saskatoon and area

The housing continuum is the broad range of housing types of housing available in the community. For older adults, that can mean remaining in their own homes all the way to special care homes with many other options in between. Each type of housing is crucial for different people at different times, depending on individual circumstances such as health, financial situation and other factors.

1. Staying In Your Own Home
There are supports available to assist older adults to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. The gateway to the health care system in Saskatoon and area, Client Patient Access Services [CPAS], determines eligibility for many services including in home respite or meal preparation. Phone CPAS 306.655.4346 or visit CPAS website for more information. Visit Saskatoon Council on Aging website –
Directory of Services and Social Activities for Older Adults starting page 64 for detailed listings of home support services in Saskatoon and area.

2. Assisted Living/Enriched Housing/Retirement Living
Assisted living, enriched housing or retirement living provides accommodation, hospitality services, transportation and personal care services for adults who can live independently but require a supportive environment due to physical limitations or health challenges. Operated by private companies or foundations, each facility determines costs and services associated with accommodations.
Visit Saskatoon Council on Aging website housing section for lists of enriched housing in urban and rural Saskatoon.

3. Personal Care Homes
Licensed by Saskatchewan Health under authority of the Personal Care Home Act, a personal care home is a private business that provides accommodation, meals and supervision or personal care assistance to adults in a residential atmosphere. On admission, the client or family will complete an admission agreement with the operator outlining in detail the care the person requires and the cost.
Visit the Personal Care Homes Website for a listing of homes within Saskatoon and area.

4. Special Care Home/Long Term Care Homes
Special care homes provide care when needs can no longer be met in the community. Special care homes are run by the Saskatchewan Health Authority or operated by a provider that has a contract with the health authority. All arrangements to move to long term care homes or to access services are made through Client patient Access Services (CPAS) in the Saskatoon area and through a Home Care Client Coordinator in the rural areas. Cost is provincially determined with rates based on the client’s monthly income.
View the list of Special Care Homes in Saskatoon and area

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