Learn How to Use Saskatoon Transit’s New OnDemand Service!

Saskatoon Transit launched a new OnDemand Transit (ODT) service in early August. The new service uses a “stop-to-hub” model and promotes shorter, quicker trips making ODT more reliable and efficient. The ODT service is available in Brighton, Rosewood, North Kensington and Blairmore. Download the app Saskatoon Transit OnDemand or find more information at SaskatoonTransit.ca/OnDemand or call 306.975.3100 with questions.

If you would like to learn how use ODT with the fixed-route bus service, join us in the afternoon on Wednesday, September 21st for an OnDemand and fixed-route bus trip. Sign-up today by emailing june@scoa.ca or phone 306.652.2255.

Trip Plan for September 21st:

  • Meet at Downtown Customer Service Centre at 12:50 p.m.
  • Take fixed route transit to Preston Crossing.
  • Request an OnDemand trip from Preston Crossing to Brighton
  • Explore Brighton/Grab a coffee at Tim Horton’s
  • Request an OnDemand trip to Place Riel
  • Take fixed route transit from College Drive back downtow

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    1. Hello Gayle,
      You may inquire about that route included in Experience Transit with a representative from Saskatoon Transit:
      Courtney Doherty, tel 306.270.4752
      Saskatoon Transit, Transportation and Construction Department

      Thank you for your comment

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