Classes for Seniors

We work out to keep our bodies fit but our minds need to stay active as well. Learning new things supports mental and emotional wellness for older adults. Lifelong learning provides a sense of purpose and achievement, helps keep memories sharp and brings people together for social connections and friendship. Saskatoon Council on Aging offers a variety of classes for seniors 55 plus to support positive and healthy aging. From art to technology, there is something for everyone! 

TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES: Phone 306.652.2255 to pay with credit card. You may also send a cheque to SCOA, 2020 College Drive, Saskatoon, S7N 2W4 or pay at our office in the Field House. Payment must be received at time of registration.

Companion Animals & Older Adults presented by Saskatchewan SPCA
Weds Sept 21 10 am Online via ZOOM, No Cost

Humans and animals share many things in common- one big factor being that they both experience the aging process in similar ways. This presentation will dive into some of the many considerations that come with being a caregiver for a companion animal as we age into older adulthood. If something happens to me, who will take care of my animal? Can my animal come with me if I have to move? What are the benefits I can experience by having an animal? What benefits can my companion animal gain from me? This session will answer these questions, and perhaps more!

75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses presented by Credit Counseling Society
Thurs September 29 at 10:00am Online via ZOOM.
Cost: $10 SCOA members free

Have you noticed how the cost of living continues to rise every year and yet perhaps your wages aren’t keeping up? Groceries are more expensive, the cost of utilities is creeping higher and higher, and so is the cost of transportation. Intuitively we know that there’s got to be a better way to save, but how? In the 75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses workshop/webinar, you will learn how to reduce your electricity and heating expenses with simple fixes, save money on your cable, telephone and internet bills, reduce your grocery bill every month and much more.This interactive and fun workshop will last 90 minutes or 1-hour in a webinar format.
To register, phone 306.652.2255

Tuesday, Oct 11 1:30 to 3 pm, Location: SCOA, 2020 College Drive [Field House], Cost: $40

In this workshop, we are going to unlock the mysteries of the cloud. The “Cloud” is actually a bunch of computers and servers in southern California. iCloud is Apple’s file backup and syncing service. You are able to back up and synchronize your photos, email, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, messages, and other content online. With your Apple account, you have a secure private box to store your data unlocked by your Apple ID. To register phone 306.652.2255

Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to Drawing with Alison Montgomery
Fri Oct 21 1 pm to 4 pm, Online via ZOOM Cost: $60

“A good artist makes careful observations”.
By learning about drawing contour lines and how to shade simple forms, you will improve your drawing skills in one afternoon.
To register, phone 306.652.2255

10 Steps to Retire Without Debt: presented by Credit Counselling Society
October 27 at 10:30 am Online via ZOOM, Cost: $10
SCOA members Free
Is Freedom 55 still a realistic goal? Perhaps Freedom 65 or 70 is more realistic. The number of Canadians who are retiring with debt has increased to 33% (Statistics Canada). There are many reasons for this significant increase in debt amongst retirees, but the consequences remain the same – a fixed income needs to service living expenses along with debts. There is another alternative and that is to retire without debt. In the 10 Steps to Retire Without Debt workshop/webinar, you will learn how to: identify sources of income you will have in retirement e.g CPP, OAS, the reasons why more Canadians are retiring with debt, describe why retiring with debt is so challenging and much more.
To register, phone SCOA 306.652.2255

Marion Mutala, Award winning author

Memoir Writing Workshop Series with Marion Mutala
Tuesdays, Nov 8, 15, 22 & 29 1 pm to 2 pm. Online via ZOOM Cost: $60

Do you have a burning desire to write a memoir? In this 4 weeks zoom workshop by Award-Winning Bestselling Author Marion Mutala will work with emerging or experienced writers to teach the art of memoir writing. This workshop will give creative ways and generate ideas to tell your story. This is your time and opportunity to create a story that perhaps is locked inside, and dying to be put on paper, or record by audio, or video. Discover your powerful voice for healing, a personal memoir, create a book, autobiographical or biographical. There is something for everyone in this workshop.
To register, phone SCOA 306.652.2255

Food and Finance presented by the Credit Counseling Society
November 24th at 10 am, Online via ZOOM, Cost: $10 SCOA members Free

Two of the biggest goals we never seem to achieve are to be better with our health and better with our money. This can be challenging as we’re taxed for time and energy with our busy workdays and family time. Finding ways to save time and money with our food budget can help us towards each goal at the same time! Join us for our Food and Finances workshop/webinar to learn some valuable information and easy-to-implement steps. In the session, you will learn how to: recognize the various factors that impact your food budget, track your food budget so you know exactly what you’re spending instead of what you believe you’re spending, save money on your groceries and much more. To register, phone SCOA 306.652.2255

65 years and older? Find out how the Canada Revenue Agency [CRA] can help!
Thursday, Dec 1 10 am, Online via ZOOM, Free

The CRA uses the information from your tax return to calculate your benefit and credit amounts and any related provincial or territorial payments. Other government departments use this information to calculate payments, such as the Old Age Security pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement. Find out how Benefits and credits can put money in your pocket and help you make ends meet. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Experience Transit

Learn to ride the bus to get where you need to go! If you’re interested in participating in Experience Transit to learn how to take the bus in Saskatoon email or call 306.975.3100.
Workshops are held several time per year.