Age-Friendly Saskatoon

About Age-Friendly Saskatoon Initiative

Age-Friendly Saskatoon Initiative, was a multiyear, multiphase project aimed at establishing Saskatoon as an “age-friendly” community where older adults can lead healthy independent lives and are active and engaged members of the community. We consulted with over 500 older adults about their experiences growing older in Saskatoon and published reports with recommendations. Significant work has been accomplished in talking with the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Government of Saskatchewan and multiple organizations on implementing the actions recommended. The City of Saskatoon is part of the World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.

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Projects and Partnerships

Coffee Break Series

View on YouTube:Technology and Older Adults

View on YouTube:Navigating the Health Care System

View on YouTube: Conversations with Physicians

View on YouTube: Mental Health and Older Adults

View on YouTube: What You Need to Know About Renting

View on YouTube: Coping with Isolation and Developing Resilience

Beyond the Pandemic Position Paper

Age-Friendly Lens

Age-Friendly News

Age-Friendly Award Comes Home
City of Saskatoon Receives Age-Friendly Award in Provincial Legislature

Age-Friendly videos

Saskatoon Council on Aging [SCOA] programs and projects reflect age-friendly principles, practices and values. Many of our programs such as the Seniors Neighbourhood Hub Club and the SCOA Globe Walk evolved from recommendations put forward from older adults during Age-Friendly Saskatoon Initiative research. 

The following videos provide a general overview of four of our programs that put age-friendly values and practices in action.

Caregiver Information and Support Centre – YouTube

Century Club – YouTube

SCOA Globe Walk – YouTube

Seniors Neighbourhood Hub Clubs – YouTube

Projects and Partnerships

Saskatoon Transit Partnership – Age-Friendly Training Video: Partnership with Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatoon Fire and Preston Park Retirement Residence

SCOA joined with Police and Fire Services, and Preston Park to celebrate the Working with Seniors training video—and the fabulous actors! We celebrated community partnership, community action, and the knowledge that the police and fire services now have a tool to raise staff awareness about older adult issues that will help in their work to create a safer, age-friendly Saskatoon.

Seniors Community Police and Fire Academy: Partnership with Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatoon Fire

The inaugural 8-week academy was launched on April 17, 2019 with 20 older adult participants from across Saskatoon. This new venture between the Saskatoon Police Service, the Saskatoon Fire Department and SCOA aimed to empower and educate older adults by providing information
about safety and security issues that could help them live safely. Participants gained valuable knowledge in each 2.5 hour session. Presentations included information about home and personal security, fraud prevention, internet security, traffic safety, elder abuse, K-9 policing, emergency preparedness, fire safety, fall prevention and when to call 911 and report an emergency.

Building Respectful Inclusive Communities – B.R.I.C

For many older adults, aging in place means moving from the family home into some form of congregate living such as a retirement home, or assisted living. Resident-to-resident bullying takes place where those involved live and call home. Residents who are being bullied have very few if any places to escape from the bullying. Many are less likely to leave their homes due to decreasing health or mobility issues. Older adults living in congregate living facilities are also less likely to have social supports. Lower income seniors are particularly vulnerable and face limited choices. The project addresses the need to ensure that all older adults living in congregate living communities feel safe, respected, and included in the life of the community through education, information, and empowerment toward positive change presented to older adults by older adults.

Working with Seniors Video: Partnership with Saskatoon Transit and Preston Park Retirement Residence

The Saskatoon Council on Aging partnered with Saskatoon Transit to develop training videos to support older adults using the transit system. A video was created for transit operators and another created for older adults.

Remembering When: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program Partnership with Saskatoon Fire
The Saskatoon Council on Aging partnered with Saskatoon Fire to deliver presentations on fire and fall prevention to older adults in the community.

Experience Transit: Partnership with Saskatoon Transit

Saskatoon Transit explores new ways in which to promote sustainable alternatives to car use and to support friendly forms of transportation such as walking, cycling, ride sharing, and public transit. People new to transit may have challenges they consider a change in their mode of transportation. Experience Transit is a first step – positive experience that will help overcome these initial challenges of travelling on transit. The Saskatoon Council on Aging works with Saskatoon Transit to assist older adults to use the transit system with the Bus Buddy Program.

The following are sub-projects of the Age-Friendly Saskatoon Initiative:

Aboriginal Engagement in an Age-friendly Saskatoon: Reaching Out to the Aboriginal Community is part of the Age-friendly project.

The Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA) worked with Aboriginal Seniors and Elders to add their voices to the conversation about an age-friendly Saskatoon where everyone ages well. The Saskatoon Council on Aging met with aboriginal seniors and elders in the community to:

  • Hear directly from older aboriginal people about their experiences of growing older
  • Identify ways to include the aboriginal voice in the discussions on making Saskatoon an age-friendly community
  • identify their needs and ideas about what is necessary to improve their quality of life
  • Look  at ideas and suggestions that can be offered to leaders on change

LBGTI Older Adults

The Saskatoon Council on Aging has partnered with OUTSaskatoon  to examine ways to meet the needs of older lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender individuals living in residential care environments. This project reached out to the community to identify the challenges faced by both LGBT older adults and residential care environments to offer practical solutions to support the development of training and policies considerate of the needs, fears and preferences of the LGBT older adults. The following resources support their efforts at creating safe and friendly environments for everyone in residential care environment facilities. Funded by the Saskatoon Health Region