Seniors and Technology

COVID-19 impacts the way we communicate and stay connected with one another. The Saskatoon Council on Aging is committed to assist older adults to stay connected to friends and family and access information by learning how to use technology to enhance their lives.

SCOA provides opportunities for older adults to learn to use technology in user friendly formats. Technology skills support independence for older adults and helps them build connections for continuing health and wellness. 

For information on any of these learning opportunities phone 306.652.2255 or visit our lifelong learning page for current classes.

One on one lessons

One-on-One Beginner – APPLE DEVICES ONLY (iPhone, iPad,computer, watch) Phone 306.652.2255
*Please bring your own device,, Apple ID & Password! (BEGINNER CLASS – little or no experience). Includes a take-home manual. 

Advanced Tech workshops

Technology ONLINE Classes Apple iPad/iPhone only. Must have Apple ID and be able to download apps. For iPhone 6 and up.

Seniors Tech Buddy

The TechBuddy program pairs students and older adults to explore technology. The program is designed to help older adults connect with the world around them. In partnership with several Saskatoon high schools, TechBuddy introduces older adults to various technologies and devices (tablets, iPhones, internet, social media among others) with students providing one-on-one instruction. If you or someone you know wants to learn more about a technology or device and would like one-on-one guidance, TechBuddy is a great option. More information

Socially Connecting Seniors

A multidimensional program that connects seniors through traditional phone calls and with technology opportunities. The program includes the following opportunities: Telephone Buddy [ seniors are matched with volunteers for friendly phone visits ]; a lending library of iPads for older adults to use and practice their tech skills. Older adults can learn at their own pace on their own time on their own or have a family member or friend guide them as they learn to use the device. SCOA is also in touch with senior living facilities for on site and virtual training opportunities. More information

Seniors and Youth Connect

With support of Saskatoon Community Foundation, SCOA with work with local high schools and groups of older adults. The program brings the two generations together for learning and social opportunties.If you would like to take part in this program phone 306.652.2255 More information

University of Saskatchewan partnership

Dr. Megan O’Connell and her team will assist you to use video conferencing tool, ZOOM to stay connected. Also opportunities to connect with older adult who share your interests.

Phone Dr. O’Connell 306.966.2496 or email

Other Learning Resources


Cyber-Seniors’ mission is to bridge the digital divide and connect generations through technology.  It does so through the development and dissemination of resources that enable community organizations to provide tech-training for senior citizens using an intergenerational, youth volunteer model. Visit website


We connect older adults with technology training and support. Visit website

STAY AT HOME LIVING: Digital Literacy Portal for Seniors

An app for older adults to explore engagement, entertainment and connection opportunities.
Watch the demo on YouTube

Up to Speed

UpTOSpeed is a for-profit extension of TechServe, a rapidly growing Canadian digital literacy non-profit that has helped over 1500 seniors and has been featured on national and local media sources. Visit website